Focus on Your Management

the problem

Are you so busy handling everyday business that you hardly get a chance to develop valuable products?

  • Does noone really have an overview of what everyone is working on?
  • Is there is no clear vision that helps decide how to prioritize all the work you need to do?
  • Do you have to stick to set plans altough circumstances have changed?

our solution

Manage with a "Value Visualizer" prioritising all your value targets.

  • In this workshop you will learn to focus on what adds value to your company.

  • You will establish your own value management by implementing our Value Visualizer.

  • You will prioritise the targets so you know what to do next and what is needed to finally release products to the market.
  • By setting up a routine to review regularly we make sure the Value Visualizer becomes your number one management tool to maximise your business value.

The workshop format

2 days consisting: 1 day of teaching and drafting the Value Visualizer and 1 day prioritising your value targets and setting up the work routine. 

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