Focus on Your Customers

the problem

Is more than half of what you develop not being bought?

  • Do your customers say they need something and then they don't buy it?
  • Does your development team not talk to the customer on a regular basis?
  • Is your sales team not able to sell what you develop?

our solution

Deliver products early to get prompt feedback from the market.

  • With a comprehensive Conjoint Analyses you will find out what customers are actually willing to pay for.

  • The answers help simulate the market so that you can decide what to build first.

  • As soon as something is built, you show it to the customers and get their feedback.

  • This is how we make sure the customers get what they want and you invest in the right things.

The workshop format

3 days consisting of 2 days teaching and drafting the questioning and 1 day after of analysing the results and deciding the next steps.

"Tell me everything!"