Focus on Your Team

the problem

Are the people in your team highly educated and experts in their field, but as a team you do not get things done?

  • When a mistake is made you ask who is to blame?
  • You often misunderstand each other and prefer writing emails instead of talking face to face?
  • You keep having the same problems, but you do not find a way to resolve them?

Our Solution

We find a suitable framework that facilitates effective communication, boosts team spirit and most of all enables everyone to be their best.

  • Together we implement an agile framework like Scrum or Kanban.
  • These frameworks use roles, events and tools to ensure your team constantly inspects and adapts work and relationships.
  • By constantly getting better at what you, you ensure you keep a leading role in your market.

The Workshop Format

3 days consisting of 2 days of teaching and drafting your own agile framework and 1 day of practising and reflecting your first sprint. 

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