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Hi! I'm Dina

I am a passionate Agile Coach and Trainer that empowers people in companies to stand out and create products customers love.


I am the representative of this initiative and your link to the 'Agile-Hardware-Community'.

My story

Once upon a time...

I was born in the African bush bordering the Sahara desert. Growing up in five different countries spread across three continents and attending six different school systems, has provided me with the ability to understand a vast array of people. I easily adapt to new circumstances and find ways to contribute to complex expectations.


This background along with my Business Administration degree from the University of Tübingen and a Masters in Managment Sales and Marketing has naturally lead to my progression into project management, where people, frameworks and results change with every project. I'm fascinated by complex products and I have been working in machine engineering  at TRUMPF Ltd. in Ditzingen as well as other companies for over a decade.


However, I soon developed a love-hate relationship with the project management roles I found myself in. I loved the versatile aspect of my work, helping people get results and bringing ideas to life. Yet as a creative person with an adapting spirit I struggled with the static long term planning, the expectation to follow through without considering the customers and spending hours in meetings instead of producing something of value.


Then, five years ago, I discovered agile workframes like Scrum or Kanban, which allow easy adaptation to changing circumstances. These frameworks include the customer as an essential part of the development process and most of all give responsibility to the entire team I immediately knew: This is my way of working and creating value! Inspired by agile culture I learned as much as I could. I acquired many certificates and began coaching agile teams (mechanical engineering, artificial intelligence, marketing, etc.). I helped transform entire business sectors at TRUMPF: consisting of 200 people with offices spread across 5 countries and more than 30 products. 


Convinced by the power and success of agile pactices I've made it my mission to build a cross-company infrastructure for agility in hardware. 

My Certificates

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