Dina Kohler - Agile Coach for Hardware Companies

Imagine a world...


in which people go to work inspired to create hardware products that influence entire markets, technologies and everyday life!

Develop Outstanding Products with Agile Practices

What is 'AgileFitsHardware'?

'AgileFitsHardware' is an initiative to support hardware companies work together to become more agile. Software development is already familiar with Agility but not hardware. Our goal is to see more hardware products being developed within agile workframes. 


That is why we offer training, we provide Scrum Masters and we find excellent Agile Coaches for your hardware environment! 

Which problem do we solve?

Why do we exist?

How do we inspire?

The current problem is that time, money and talent are wasted building products very few need. Instead we should build products that entire markets want and therefore buy.

AgileFitsHardware's aim is to inspire people in organisations to create outstanding hardware products so that together we can build a better world.

The way we inspire people to create outstanding products is by transforming the way they work. With agile practices we discover what the market wants, develop solutions in self-organised teams and cooperate with the customers. 

Excited to take the next step on your agile journey? 

 Then let's get started!

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Name:      Dina Kohler

E-Mail:      hello@agilefitshardware.com

Phone:     +49 176 470 - 39 335